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Our Approach

Our mission is to provide superior subrogation services at an affordable and fair cost.

The best opportunity to maximize the recovery potential is usually before a statement of claim has been filed.  At this point a casualty adjuster hasn't incurred any costs investigating or defending their claim and may have authority to settle the claim to avoid these costs.  Once the litigation process begins and both sides have counsel the opportunity for an early resolution has often been missed.  

A proactive approach is needed to get a prompt and fair response from the liable party.  Simply sending a demand letter will usually not result in a claim being settled.  Subrogation may be lower priority for adjusters whose primary focus is their insured's first party claims.

At Sage Claims we specialize in subrogation claims only.  Your subrogation claims will be pursued aggressively regardless of weather events, increased claims experience etc.  Your subrogated claims will always be top priority.

Every effort should be made to attempt settlement pre-litigation.  Settling a claim without litigating reduces risk, expense and saves time.  There will always be claims that can not be resolved outside of litigation.  For these claims we can refer you to lawyers or paralegals that specialize in subrogation.